Sunday, September 20, 2009

Helpful hints for weight loss ideas & cooking from Colleen

  • If you are on a diet, drink Jasmine Tea or lighter teas that have their own natural sweetness, you will not have to add sugar.
  • You can make your own spiced teas and ciders. Heat tea or cider to a boil. If you place orange peels, cloves (whole) and cinnamon sticks into cheesecloth, tie and seep into hot tea or cider. Leave 15 minutes or to taste.
  • If you drink about 4 cups of Green Tea everyday you can help your body fight cancer.
  • That you can rid yourself of belly fat eating peanut butter. They say if you eat peanut butter everyday you can loose 25 lbs a year.
  • That ½ cup of blue berries everyday can double the amount of antioxidants in your system and unlock the healing power in your body.
  • Gelatin is high in amino acids and if you eat a daily dose it will reduce joint pain.
  • Always chill juices prior to adding beverages
  • Clove garlic and pepper become stronger when frozen.
  • Instant potatoes make good stew thickeners.
  • Spray grills with Pam prior to using to prevent sticking and help with cleanup.
  • Use oil sparingly when making sauces. This allows other flavors to come through.
  • Meat that is chilled will cut thinner.
  • Tomatoes help to tenderize roast.
  • Lemon juice rubbed on fish will help to tenderize it.
  • When baking bread place a small dish of water nearby to help keep crust from becoming too hard and brown.
  • You can warm bread in a microwave if you have a glass of water inside with the bread to keep in moisture.
  • If you are baking with glass pans, reduce the temperature by 25 degrees.
  • If you enjoy a spicy aroma, toss orange and lemon rinds into the fireplace. 

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