Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hash Browns 101

Hello, just back from a quick 4-day, 3 nights visit to Disneyland. Haven't been to Disneyland in 15 years so thought it might have changed and was not disappointed. Interesting though, the change in the food was the real disappointment. Perhaps I was too young to notice, because I used to enjoy breakfast especially there. They need my mother to teach them how to make good hash browns. If they would bake the potatoes first before they shred them into the skillet to fry on both sides they would have a cooked and delicious hash browns. Unfortunately, the hash browns served are not cooked all the way through They take frozen hash browns, do not defrost, toss into whatever grease they use, almost burn them on each side, then serve them up cool and uncooked inside the middle. Fortunately, one can safely eat raw potatoes without getting ill. I am certain that Disneyland has had to conform to the fanatics obsessed with fat. But honestly, most of the food served in the park was not only costly, but also preprocessed and tasteless.

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